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This forum has been created to allow all interested parties to comment on the implementation of the OIML Mutual Acceptance Arrangement, in particular manufacturers and users of measuring instruments.

Welcome to the OIML MAA Forum

The OIML MAA is a system for recognition of test reports. It increases confidence in type examination testing in order to facilitate the use of OIML Evaluation Reports among participating countries and therefore avoid duplication of tests and examinations for manufacturers of measuring instruments.

The OIML MAA is based on an evaluation of the Testing Laboratories of OIML Issuing Authorities according to ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Demonstrating conformity to ISO/IEC 17025 may be done either by an accreditation delivered by an accreditation body which is a full member of ILAC (ILAC MRA signatory) or by peer assessments managed by the OIML. In both cases, the evaluation is conducted in close cooperation between ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) and the OIML.

The OIML MAA, as an additional tool to the OIML Certificate System, may be implemented for categories of measuring instruments which are included in the OIML Certificate System. Today, 41 categories of measuring instruments could potentially be covered by the OIML MAA.

The implementation of the OIML MAA started in 2005 for two of these categories: Load cells according to OIML R 60 requirements and Nonautomatic weighing instruments according to OIML R 76 requirements. The expected result is the signature of the first two DOMCs in September 2006.


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